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12.10.2014 lots of pics

Super fun day yesterday. We had some noreaster swell from that huge storm that's gonna slam 40ft waves into Europe. It got to head high here and made for a fun 3 days. Only used the step up one day and only used it because the water was moving all over the place (stormy).

Make luck happen.

12.09.2014 fun and chest high

Cold day. Made the paddle out without getting the hair wet, so I was feEling pretty good. Kooked out on the first wave and dove head first. Chilly 40° air with 58° water. Still wearing a 3/2 with boots and gloves. Totally do-able for a 30-45 minute sesh.

Make luck happen.

11.30.2014 beautiful holiday weekend

Hey everyone. I can't believe I didn't get to surf today. It was gorgeous. Dolphins, thigh high waves, warm 65° weather. Unbelievable!

Make luck happen.